Thursday, October 16, 2014

Turning Dreams into Reality at Largo-Kettering Public Library - Celebrating #TeenReadWeek

Every year the Young Adult Library Services Association celebrates Teen Read Week, its purpose is to encourage teens to be regular readers and library users. In Reach’s own Girls of Worth Afterschool Literacy Club visited the Largo-Kettering Public Library, one of their neighborhood libraries, in celebration of Teen Read Week. The group included 19 sixth grade girls, In Reach Executive Director, Toni A. Smith, Manger, College Access Programs, Katrina Robinson, and Partner Engagement Specialist and trip organizer, Samantha Trotter.

Largo-Kettering branch director, Devon Holland, opened her doors to the Girls of Worth. She gave an impromptu tour and provided the opportunity for each young lady to sign up for the new Student Library Card. This new card allows students to check out a limited number of items without a financial burden. The girls were intrigued to learn of some of the overlooked resources Prince George’s County Metropolitan Library Services offer. Some of which include online homework help, test prep sessions and access to online movie and music streaming all with their library card.

After the tour and discussion the girls had a chance to familiarize themselves with the branch. This time was filled with chatter between the young ladies about their favorite genres of literature as well as which books they would begin next. The bus ride home was filled with excitement. The girls discussed how they would be visiting the branch and checking out books, music and movies as soon as they received their new card. This Teen Read Week event met its goal of encouraging teens, in this case preteens, to be more frequent readers and library visitors!