Thursday, January 8, 2015

Take Action! January is #Poverty Awareness Month

In recognition of Poverty Awareness Month, In Reach has prepared an informative calendar of useful resources for everyday of the month, and an accompanying infographic that provides a snapshot of Prince George's County's poverty indicators.

Poverty is the number one challenge to our mission - preparing students for college, work and life. So many of our students and their families are affected by poverty. It rears its ugly head in every imaginable way, all usually recognizable in an educational setting. We see its affects when we work with a student who can not read proficiently, who may be homeless, receive inadequate health care, is food insecure, and/or lacks self confidence. 

Please share the calendar and infographic with your family, friends, colleagues, political and civic leaders and others to raise awareness about this often misunderstood and polarizing epidemic and join us in becoming a part of the solution, a poverty buster, to reduce its horrible affects.